Current Projects

FLAMES High School Outreach

Females Learning Awesome Math Engineering and Science is an outreach group filled with middle school and high school girls! Similarly to SPARCS we meet multiple times a semester with varying topics. The girls have shown their spunk by programming in both block based and text based languages. Other fun workshops have include Blender, Unity3D, and Java Processing.

SPARCS Middle School Outreach
SPARCS is a middle school outreach program aimed at broadening participation in Computer Science. We offer monthly Saturday sessions to introduce students to fun and interesting concepts in Computer Science. During each session, a workshop will be organized by SPARCS mentors who are knowledgeable students studying Computer Science at North Carolina State University. These monthly workshops include hands-on learning activities to introduce the students to computer science concepts and practical applications. Sample workshops include game development, web design, and LEGO Mindstorm robotics. SPARCS was initiated in October 2007 and is now in its seventh year of operation. Recently a large focus of the SPARCS project has been on documentation and empirical data to evaluate and improve the program moving forward.


North Carolina Math and Science Education Network (MSEN) is a pre-college program which offers underserved students enrichment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects in preparation for college. SPARCS@MSEN introduces MSEN computer science concepts through topics such as unplugged activities, robotics, web development, and game design.



In order to help build our Computer Science environment, we have workshops available for current students. Some workshops focus on professional development, teaching students how to dress prepare for an interview. Some workshops focus on tools that  students use in the classroom, such as LaTeX and GitHub.

STARBurst Events

Hangout with fellow CSC students, relax, learn new things, and go on adventures.

Undergraduate Tutoring
Graduate and undergraduate students provide free one-on-one tutoring during weekly open lab hours to all CSC116, 216 and 226 students (Intro to Programming w/Java & Discrete Mathematics) who seek it. This allows for more support for these students, who may be unable to or uncomfortable with meeting with instructional staff. We coordinate the service with the instructors to keep tutors informed of current assignments and to preserve academic integrity.

Undergraduate Research
Undergraduates working on various research projects to foster their interest in computing topics and graduate school.

Members of STARS Alliance participating in technical and computer related internships with companies in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Website Team
The STARS Computing Corps website is a place for students, faculty, and sponsors to learn more about the STARS. We provide information on the projects that current STARS students are undertaking as well as details about the students themselves and information for applying to or assisting with the STARS program.

Behind the scenes coordinators and evaluators that keep STARS moving forward.